Meteora trip from Athens - a one-day tour with a tour guide

One Day Meteora Tour from Athens

Visit Meteora in 1 day tour from Athens by train or bus. Forget expensive private trips and large noisy bus groups. With us, you can visit Meteora in a small group of up to 9 people or less with a lincensed tour guide and a professional driver who has extensive experience on mountain roads among Meteora cliffs. We prefer this kind of small format travel, because this is the only way for you to get maximum from our guide and you will have most of the free space to move and take as many photos as you want. Beside, some places on our trip are accessible by small and medium size transport only! Meteora day tour from Athens is the most common format for tourists visiting this magnificent nature wonder from other cities.



Tour in Meteora with guide - driver from Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Pieria, Athens 🇬🇷

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How much will cost one-day tour in Meteora?

  • Our price is as low as it gets, for only 35€ 24€ you will have a unique 1 day tour to Meteora.

  • Additionally, for only 80€ 10€ extra you will have excursion with our licensed guide inside mideval age monastery, believe us – this is the most competitive price you ever get!

Your schedule for 1 day Meteora trip:


  • Catch up with train starting from Athens Train Station at 7:57 am to Kalambaka

  • We will meet you at Kalampaka rail station at 12:05 pm with our new and comfortable mini bus

  • Our licensed guide will have your name written on a billboard

  • Your journey will last about 5 hours

  • We will bring you back to the train station of Kalambaka

  • You will have time for lunch or dinner in Kalabaka, if you wish

  • Train starts for Athens at 18:22

  • You will be back in Athens at 22:30


Thanks to the small group, you will get a unique experience from visiting this truly unique place. Our licensed guide, unlike other tour leaders, has over 20 years of experience, speaks several languages and is ready to take you along the paths that monks and hermits once walked, as well as travelers who wanted to see this amazing place with their own eyes.



Meteora is the most mysterious place on Earth.

"Medieval monasteries are located on sheer stone pillars up to 700m high."

Meteora Photos

Meteora monasteries Greece - medieval life on sky-high rocks.

The very first monastery was built around 1350 (Grande Meteora). It is worth clarifying that first hermits appeared here in the 9th century. In its best of times, there were up to 3,000 people living in these bizarre rocks, and pilgrims came here from all over the world to communicate with living saints. They stopped to overnight at an inn exactly where the monastery of St. Stefan is now. Ascetics were striving for spiritual wealth and reached the truth through events and phenomena that were invisible to ordinary mortal people.


Do you speak english?

If English is not a native language for you, our tour guide will speak to you at your language or will explain everything in most simple words

We speak:

  1. English

  2. Italian

  3. Spanish

  4. French

  5. Greek

  6. Russian (extra charge)



Attractions in Meteora. With us you will visit:

• 3 monasteries
• Hermit's nests
• Caves of monks
• Take the most colorful photo from many sites and locations
• See 2 secret sketes hidden from the eyes of tourists
• Unique panoramic platforms
• Locations unknown to most of the tourists
• Practically individual excursion in a small group with constant support of a licensed guide
• See all 6 monasteries from different view points
• If you wish, for a small fee, the guide will take you on a private tour inside the medieval monastery.



History of Meteora

Meteors begin their existence about 50 million years ago, when Greece was just beginning to emerge from the depths of the sea. It so happened that the largest valley in Greece - Thessaly, became a closed reservoir at the bottom of which sand, pebbles, stones, earth and other materials impregnated with calcium settled for many millions.
Where so much calcium did came from and how nature managed to turn all this composition into real cement, you will learn on our tour.

Why these places have remained hidden from the whole world for so many millenniums is legendary. The first hermits and later monks appear here in the earliest Middle Ages.



With faith and diligence, they built monasteries on top of rounded stone pillars up to 600 meters high. The monasteries protected people well from enemies and robbers, but living at this dizzying height was still not an easy task. After all, every drop of water and every grain of wheat must be grown below and raised to a safe height.



Even if water in winter time could be collected with rain, food had to be grown in the valleys and surrounded hills.

According to some reports, up to 5,000 monks lived in these places in 24 monasteries. But the extremely difficult life and the change of eras led to the decline of this monastic republic.


Tour to Meteora Greece 🇬🇷


In ours days, in perfect condition, 6 monasteries have been preserved, and we will be happy to show you each of them. Visit Meteora by train from Athens, book now!


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Индивидуальная Экскурсия в Метеоры  из Касторьи

Enigma of Meteora

The excursion to Meteora mysteriously remains an unforgettable and the brightest trip in the mind of any traveler who has visited these places at least once. The high stone pillars of several hundred meters, on top of which, between heaven and earth, the eternal Orthodox monasteries once built, just amaze the imagination of tourists. One of the unsolved mysteries to this day is not only the origin, but also the absence of any mention of the existence of these stone pillars before the 9th century AD. In other words, nobody mentioned about the existence of these strange shape sheer rocks, during ancient times, like they never existed. And we talking about Greece here, the place where history as science was created, country with thousands remarks and reviews from ancient travelers, scientists, geography observers, etc.

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Individual tour to Meteora from Larissa

Larissa is the oldest living city on the planet with 8,000 years of history.

Here modernity and Antiquity miraculously harmonize. Antiquity smoothly passes into the Empire of the Romans - Byzantium. The times of the Ottoman Empire are next to the era of the Trojan War. In the center of the city, there is a beautifully preserved antique theater of the III-IV century BC for up to 10,000 spectators. The ancient doctor Hippocrates lived and worked here. The ancient author of the Description of Hellas, Pausanias, places Larissa in the first row of Greek cities, following Homer."

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